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Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

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Immigration Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

Under the current immigration rules, individuals who have been in the UK for ten years lawfully and continuously can apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). When applying for ILR under this route, it is important to understand the rules which apply, in particular, what is meant by continuous residence (as explained below). As a London based law firm, AQ Archers Solicitors understands that having spent so many years contributing to society and the economy in the UK, applying for permanent residence under the long residence route can be a nerve-wracking time for applicants.

If you engage our services, we will manage all aspects of your long residence application on your behalf. This includes listening to the facts of your case, advising on your eligibility, flagging and recommending a solution to any potential problems, confirming the documents needed, creating and submitting your application, and handling any queries. Our highly experienced long residence immigration specialists have assisted many clients and their families to be awarded ILR by the UK Home Office.


Am I eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) based on long residence?

In order to be eligible for ILR based on long residence, you will need to:

  • be a national of a country outside of the EU/EEA (EU nationals can apply under a separate route referred to as the EU Settlement Scheme)
  • currently have leave to remain in the UK (under any Visa category)
  • have lived in the UK continuously (continuous residence) for ten years
  • not have been absent from the UK for more than 180 days in any 12 months of the qualifying period, or 540 days in total
  • have passed the Life in the UK Test
  • meet the English language requirements

The UK Home Office will not count time spent in Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands towards your continuous residence.

If you are unsure if you meet the eligibility criteria, it is important to seek the advice of an immigration Solicitor before submitting your application. Doing so will provide you with the confidence that your application has the best chance of success.


Why should I engage AQ Archers to assist with my long residence ILR application?

It is vital to ensure that your ILR long residence application is correct first time and gives you and your family the optimal chance of a positive outcome. We understand what the UK Home Office is looking for from prospective ILR long residence applicants, and where we see a potential weakness in your application, we will quickly advise you on the steps necessary to resolve it.

Our team understands that you are busy with your Life, work/business, and family life. As such, you can be assured that by using our services, we will lift the burden of securing the necessary immigration clearance from your shoulders, allowing you the opportunity to focus on what is truly important.

Once you have achieved ILR based on long residence, we will also advise on the process of being granted British Citizenship after a further 12 months.


Can AQ Archers assist with the refusal of ILR based on long residence?

Yes, we have assisted many applicants who have had ILR refused, to secure a positive decision. Because our team have a forensic knowledge of the guidelines followed by Home Office case officers, we will focus in on the problem area/s, and recommend a plan of action to resolve the matter, whether this is in the form of a resubmitted application, appeal, Administrative Review, or a Judicial Review. In our experience, most adverse decisions are quickly overturned when we write to the Home Office to robustly challenge a decision made.


AQ Archers, based in London, can assist you with all aspects of obtaining ILR based on long residence for you and your family. To speak to one of our consultants, please call 020 8521 2605.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.