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The EU Settlement Scheme: EU Settled and Pre-Settled Status

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Immigration The EU Settlement Scheme: EU Settled and Pre-Settled Status

The EU Settled and Pre-settled Status schemes are intended to provide EU nationals who have been living in the UK the opportunity to remain once the country leaves the EU as a result of the Brexit referendum. This is necessary because once the UK does leave the EU, freedom of movement of EU nationals across borders will come to an end.

As a London based immigration law firm, AQ Archers Solicitors regularly assist EU nationals who require help with their EU Settled and Pre-Settled Status application, including any concerns regarding eligibility and challenging refusals or granting of the less secure pre-settled status.

We understand that having chosen to relocate to the UK, the uncertainty caused by having to apply for settled status can be extremely stressful and worrying. Our objective is to take the worry from your shoulders, providing you with the confidence that your application, and that of your family members, has the best chance of success.


What is the difference between the EU Settled and Pre-Settled Status Scheme?

Settled status means that an EU national is given full rights to remain in the country for as long as they wish (even for the remainder of their life). To be given settled status, an applicant must have been living in the UK continuously for five or more years.

Pre-settled status is typically granted where an EU national has not been living in the UK for five continuous years. Pre-settled status allows the individual to reach the five-year period to then gain full settled status.


How do I apply for the EU Settlement Scheme?

The process of applying for Pre-Settled or Settled Status is carried out online. You will first need to prove your identity using the ‘EU/EEA Exit: ID Document Check’ mobile phone app, or by submitting the required proof of identity by post to the Home Office.

Once your identity is verified, you can then complete the application process online. This involves filling in information relating to the application type, your residence in the UK, and any criminal convictions. There is no cost to apply for Settled or Pre-settled Status.

After you have applied, you will receive a letter stating whether you have been given Settled or Pre-settled Status.


Who needs to apply for Settled Status?

You will need to apply for the Pre-Settled or Settled Status scheme if you are a national of the following countries currently living in the UK:

  • EU, EEA (EU/EEA + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), or Switzerland

You will also need to apply if:

  • You are not an EU/EEA national, but you have a family member who is
  • You were born in the UK, but you are not a UK citizen

You will not need to apply for Pre-Settled or Settled Status if you:

  • Have Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) for the UK
  • Have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for the UK
  • Are a British Citizen
  • Are an Irish citizen
  • If you were born in the UK and have one parent with settled status


Why should I engage AQ Archers to assist with EU Settlement application?

AQ Archers have considerable experience of helping EU nationals with their EU Settlement scheme application. We have an in-depth understanding of the policies and procedures followed by the UK Home Office for the EU Settlement Scheme, allowing us to quickly spot any possible areas of weakness in your application, and we will quickly advise you on the steps necessary to resolve them.

Our team are highly professional and take great care in their client’s immigration matters. You can be assured that by using our services, we will lift the burden of securing the necessary immigration clearance from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your life, your family, and your work.


Can AQ Archers assist with the refusal of EU Settled Status?

Yes, AQ Archers can assist if you have:

  • Concerns about your eligibility before applying (e.g. in relation to your tax records or continuous time in the UK).
  • Been given Pre-settled Status when you should have been given Settled Status
  • Refusal of Pre-Settled or Settled Status

Because our team have a forensic knowledge of the guidelines followed by Home Office case officers, we will focus in on the problem area/s and recommend a plan of action to resolve the matter, whether this is in the form of a resubmitted application, appeal, Administrative Review, or a Judicial Review. In our experience, most adverse decisions are quickly overturned when we write to the Home Office to robustly challenge a decision made.


AQ Archers, based in London, can assist you with all aspects of obtaining ILR based on long residence for you and your family. To speak to one of our consultants, please call 020 8521 2605.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.